Experience our farm

Pineiderhof in Funes – Dolomites

We run our farm as milk producers.  Milking cattle in the morning and evening, in summer harvesting the hay …  Goats, fowl, rabbits, guinea pigs and cats need to be looked after.  We invite you to „look over our shoulder“ or, maybe, to lend us a hand.

As our guests, you may of course enjoy all the fresh produce of our farm: pleasant-tasting milk, fresh eggs, delicious honey, fruity spreads and juice prepared with love by the farmer’s wife Rosmarie, and — last but not least — bacon smoked by granddad Peter. Please convince yourself of the offers in our new produce corner.

We will pamper you in our historic living room (Stube) with a hearty breakfast: Our farm produce (fruit spreads, honey syrup, eggs, milk, juices ) and homemade cakes or pastries, served with fresh bread, butter, cheese, alternately sausage or bacon, cereals, Cornflakes, fruits and of course coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the kids.

breakfast in the history living room

Once a week we invite you to a glass of wine into our ancient parlour.  At the big table, farmer Leo and granddad Peter like to tell about the life at the farm.  As time permits, we organize special evenings with a traditional „Marende“ (an evening snack), delicate „Tirtln“ (a local variant of pastries), which are grandma Maria’s speciality, or a pizza baked in our big wood stove. Sometimes, when there is convenient weather, we have a common barbecue in the garden.